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What Apple didn’t tell us at the new MacBook Pro launch

Yes yes, the long awaited MacBook Pro launched last night and its shiny, brand new and powerful but here is somethings that Apple didn’t mention but let us to realise later on! Subtle Apple!

A brief intro about the new MacBook Pro. It took some tips from the iPhone. One of the key reasons for the iPhone to be touch is that the keyboard could adopt to the app and the MacBook Pro can as well, with the new Touch Bar. It is a multitouch panel which will change depending on the app. The laptop is thinner, louder and powerful than ever!

The MacBook is oooold!

The first Apple laptop launched in 1997 as the PowerBook. It is 27 years old, even older than most of our writers ?

1. Money is going to be tight

Did you notice the MacBook Air is gone? The cheapest MacBook is the MacBook and in Sri Lankan terms it’ll be starting from about Rs. 150,000 or more. And the new MacBook Pro? Well for sure above Rs. 200,000! Well Apple products weren’t cheap either way, so no surprise.

2. Traditional USB is GONE!

Did you notice? There are only USB Cs now, the old port is gone! So that means you’ll need an adapter to even charge your iPhone! ?

3. SD card slot? GONEEE!

This is widely used by many photographers as they can just stick in the card to copy the photos, according to Apple that’s not Pro!

4. The iconic logo, GONE!

Remember the way you spotted a friend who’s using a Mac? The glowing Apple logo which is embarrassing at times, but iconic? It’s gone with the new display! Now just a metal logo, I think this was done as it didn’t play nice with the new display.


5. MagSafe? You get the point.?

I would be lying if MagSafe hasn’t saved many lives and billions worth MacBook repairs till now. It is magical, the charger attaches to the MacBook via magnet, if someone trips on the wire, it automatically detaches. MacBook is safe, but the person might trip! Now it’s gone! I have to admit that only the MagSafe 1 was the best implementation. Anyways this means more repairs for Apple so ???

6. iPhone data cables would be USB type C next year!

This is more of a prediction. Since the MacBooks doesn’t have the traditional USB, this will happen sooner or later. So just a heads up when the 10th iPhone is announced next year.

7. Apple isn’t just for the normal.

This is what makes Apple, Apple ?. We sometimes tend to think that technology is limited from those who are differently abled. But Apple has taken steps to make Apple products accessible to everyone. It is tremendous and indeed a touching point.

The MacBook Pro is out now, but just a matter of days till it comes to Sri Lanka. So what are your favourite feature that Apple got rid of recently? Comment below,

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What Apple didn’t tell us at the new MacBook Pro launch

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