Wellness Retreats in Sri Lanka

We live in a lifestyle pumped with stress, unhealthy meals and lack of exercise that are limiting us from maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Checking into a wellness retreat will help you detox your life.

Imagine spending a day tossing your phone away, so you can discover Yoga or walk across a tranquil beach and enjoy the serenity. Wellness retreats are designed to help individuals to unwind and rejuvenate their busy lifestyles.

So, where do we find these retreats? Here are some of the best wellness resorts located across the island.

Santani Wellness Resort

santani-lounge-view_full santani_sri-lanka-wellness-resort spa-salt-water-soaking-tub-sri-lanka santani_location Santani cross-fit

Santani offers guests a luxurious wellness experience located across a 48 acre space of land. Santani is well equipped with modern amenities and are built according to high sustainability and eco standards. The retreat welcomes you to try their amazing spa and Sri Lanka’s first ever hydrotherapy facility and rejuvenate your lifestyle.

Aida Ayurveda holistic health resorts & spa

aida-ayurveda-spa-3 aida-ayurveda-spa aida-ayurveda-spa-4 aida-ayurveda-spa-2 ayurveda_knowledge

AIDA is an authentic Ayurveda spa that focuses on traditional Asian spa rituals. Guests can enjoy a relaxing vacation with AIDA’s well-tailored wellness programs. Inspired by the teaching of Lord Buddha, the retreat utilizes the best of Ayurvedic treatments to help guests rejuvenate, relax and detox. Do not forget to speak to them about a personalized wellness tour, to help expand your holiday vibes.

Talalla Retreat

talalla-health-consult talalla-tigerwellness-101

At Talalla retreats guests can enjoy a holistic health and wellness experience that are focused on improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The team at Talalla personalizes each program to to provide a more personal experience. Journey through the calming effects of Yoga, pilates, meditation sessions, and a few exciting adventure programs to detox your body and soul.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort

siddhalepa-resort siddhalepa-resort-3 siddhalepa-resort-5 siddhalepa-resort-prakurthi

If you need to distress away from your daily hustle and bustle, travel towards Siddhalepa retreat for a relaxing holiday. The Ayurveda and health resort blend ancient Sri Lankan heritage and the culture to provide guests a holistic experience. With its beautiful architecture, guests are surrounded with tranquility.

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