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Wedding hacks to save money

Weddings wildlings!

Yeah, we are talking about that big event which us girls (well most of us) have been dreaming of and fantasising about. In the recent times in SL, weddings have become big money drainers, be it the media frenzy or your bestie’s dad with some secret stash of overflowing cash, we are surrounded with the belief that WE NEED TO spend as much as we can on our weddings. Whereby, WEDDINGS have become an event to hollow your lifelong savings. Ladies and Gentlemen, (who have been bugged on and on by our ladies) listen to this ‘been there and done that’s confession’ – ‘there is a life beyond the reception!’. That is when the real ‘magula’ starts. So here goes some hacks that we feel may save your ‘magula’.

Super long guest list – NO.NO and NO

long guest list

Your grandmother’s sister’s brother’s son – No! he doesn’t need to be on the guest list! Not everyone in your phonebook need to make it for your big day. Just track down those who you know that mean something to you or your family. It’s your big day. Just coz someone is going to be unhappy, you cannot invite them. It’s not a time to let your guilt empower you. People usually understand. If they don’t? Well, let them fly a kite. Now you know that they weren’t worth it, that’s good going.

Prioritize your priorities!

wedding priority list

So you are the bride, tick, you got the groom ready, now what else do you need to get this wedding going? Choose wisely. Don’t look back at your photographs and shed tears on the less money you spent on it. Also in another 10 years nobody is going to remember if you had tables numbered in silver holders (talk about breaking careers). Budget it out spend correct amount on correct portion. Do not overspend just because you could at that moment. Let your wedding planner (if you have one) disagree. You are the boss. Have what you want from where you want.

Plan beforehand

plan your wedding cartoon
Planning is the key. If you are wealthy enough to have a proper planner, so be it. If you are Take-in-charge-on-your-own type of a bride. Make sure you properly plan it out so that in the last moment you don’t lose your beauty’s sleep. (But make sure you are ready for some unimaginable redundancy. I mean chaos are also pretty on their own). Also if you could, try booking everything beforehand, sometimes it may give you a discount. (Now, was there ever a girl who didn’t like a discount??)

Something borrowed

jewelry for wedding

It might be your Grandmother’s pearls or your sister’s veil, all brides need something borrowed. It’s sentimental as well. Plus it saves heaps of money (wink,wink) Renting is also a good option if you are on a budget. Any bridal dresser will tell you that the Kandyan jewellery set is cost effective when you take them on rent.

Morning madness or evening blues?

wedding budget

Mornings can be maddening, But it’s also the time where you can cater a breakfast buffet with morning favourites like a waffle bar, an omelet station and you can also have a pancake wedding cake for the reception.Having said that it is Sri Lanka and we are born to eat, so morning weddings do end in lunch! In the evening the costing for the deco and some other arrangements may slightly be higher. Also you may need to go for a wider choice in terms of the food choices. So it’s a choice between the morning madness and evening blues.

Optionless Drinking

drinking issues in wedding

Of late many wedding hosts try to avoid serving drinks, well.. That is a two way road, some guests will bad mouth your choice. So what do we do, go for budget buster boose serving or go for a compromising option like offering only beer and wine, maybe along with a signature cocktail that accompanies your theme. This would let you serve drinks but will also let you save your bank account.

Go local, go big

sri lankan kiribath

Go local, it’s not only trendy but also quite friendly to your pocket. Try to incorporate local products in every possible element. Water lily or Lotus is cheaper than roses. Milk rice or the well-known “kiribath” is way cheaper than cake. Cotton sarees are cost effective than rich silk.

E-vite for invite

wedding e invite

Hello Digital world! We live in a day and age the post is slow and your expensive wedding card is going to be thrown away in a whim and to the dark alleys of the dustbin. So make it personalized but make it digital. At least you are supporting the ‘green’ theme.
It’s never too late to rethink your wedding strategy. Rethink, redo and rearrange. Have blessed wedded life peeps. May it all be beds of roses.

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Wedding hacks to save money

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