Uber rolls out Cash Payments in Colombo!

Until now, Uber was considered as an exile option for many since the app was limited to those who had a credit card/visa card with online payment, however that changes soon. Soon you will be able to pay for your Uber ride using CASH! So how does it work? Simple, we’ve included a gif!

Uber Cash Payments
Credits: Uber

“We know that cash is still the dominant payment option for people around the world, especially in emerging economies. The cash experiment in Hyderabad last year was extremely successful and resulted in the roll out of this option in several other cities, around the world, with Colombo, being the 131st city to offer this option. At Uber, our goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy the hassle-free convenience of ordering a safe, reliable ride at the push of a button. By giving riders cash payments as an option, we are able to better meet the needs of a rapidly growing and fast-evolving consumer base.” said Bhavik Rathod, General Manager – South & West, India & Sri Lanka, Uber.

What does this mean to the user?

Remember the time Uber was limited to just the people who had the credit card? Soon, it’ll dissolve and it would open up to anyone with a smart phone. When we say “open up”, this means that anyone could register for Uber without a credit card as well.

I checked the app, its still not there?

You are not alone, we tried as well and it seems to be a phased rollout according to Uber. You need to be the chosen one to get the option, however you will get it in the coming weeks.

We do agree, having to pay with the credit card and not worry about the coins when paying for the rider is indeed a bliss. However cash payments is for the moments when you have to fetch your colleague/friend an Uber and doesn’t want to go bankrupt!


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