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Uber Launches UberPUPPIES, Uber for Puppies!

Are you an animal lover? a dog person? a cat person? Or are you just staring at the ceiling wondering what to do with your life?

Good! Listen closely!

In celebration for International Homeless Animals Day 2016 (dated for 20th of August, 2016), the international ride hailing app for humans, aka Uber is teaming up with local street puppy welfare society, aka Embark to give us UberPUPPIES.

Puppy Love

UberPUPPIES is a global initiative by Uber which is focusing on providing new homes for puppies who are up for adoption. Sri Lanka is one of the lucky few countries to be a part of it! (YAY). Embark hopes that this initiative would help to break any prejudices people may have about street pooches as they are just as lovable and intelligent as purebreds. With the right amount of love and care, they will be most loyal and loving pets in the years to come.

UberPUPPIES Participant

So what is UberPUPPIES? No it is not the day Uber is going to be operated with cars driven by puppies! It is an initiative to find some new homes for puppies in need. Uber would have a special fleet of cars with puppies (and also representatives from Embark) this Friday (19th August) operating between 9:30AM to 11:30AM. This is how to get about it! First of all, just make sure you have a place to spend some time with the puppies, some offices do allow pets. Then all you need to do is open up the Uber app on your phone (if you haven’t signed up, now would be a good time to do so), then slide over to PUPPIES and request!

How the Uber would look like with Puppies!

If you are lucky, you’ll get a 15 minute puppy playdate! Make sure you don’t waste a single second. In case you are just cool and searching for a street pooch to take home, you can adopt! Just in case you were wondering,

  • No puppies would be harmed during the 2 hours (we personally got this checked from Uber and Embark). They will be well fed and properly taken care of during the rides by the Embark and Uber representatives.
  • There would be a high demand so you may need to request multiple times. Also make sure you have something for the puppy to munch on while they are being petted. 
  • The “I’d like to adopt but where to keep the puppy till I go home?” Question :How the adoption works is that, after the puppy time, if you’d like to adopt, the representative from Embark will get your details and get the papers filled out. After paperwork is sorted, you can take the puppy home (after you get permission from the other humans (and animals) at home).
  • Does it cost? Well yes and no. It costs Rs. 500 to have the puppy time however all the proceedings go to Embark! So in a way you are helping out the street puppy welfare Society!

Today, UberPUPPIES had a puppy adoption drive in Kolkata, India partnering with petdom.in and lot of photos seem to be popping up of the furry little creatures having a nice time at offices.

Bhavik Rathod

Uber is organizing the UberPUPPIES around the globe and Bhavik Rathod, the Regional Manager of the Indian Subcontinent comments, “Uber is all about giving riders an amazing experience, be it through chopper rides to yachts or even delivering food in some cities. We’re thrilled to bring UberPUPPIES to Colombo and through our association with Embark, we are eager to spread awareness about adopting puppies and hope many of them find a home through this on-demand.”

Otara Gunewardene

“It’s inspiring to see companies get involved in activities that involve our four-legged stray friends. Thanks to the UberPUPPIES initiative, we now have the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience and spread awareness about choosing to adopt in an exciting and engaging way,” said Otara Gunewardene, Founder, Embark.

In any case you missed UberPUPPIES or looking for a way to directly donate Embark, they do have a donation page up just for you.

So what are you waiting for, grab your phone and grab your puppy.


Images courtesy of Uber and Embark.

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Uber Launches UberPUPPIES, Uber for Puppies!

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