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Top 8 most popular ways Lankans meet their significant others

We all have our favorite couples who we ship and cheer on.

One of the issues our current generation has is, how do we find someone to fall in love with? How do our fellow friends meet the ones they are with and how can we make this happen for ourselves?

No fear, we have an article on 8 of the most current ways Sri Lankan youngsters seem to be meeting their partners these days, which you can probably use to your advantage.

01. Meeting your soulmate at Daham sir’s Math class.

Now this is applicable for school, campus and classes (Academic or hobbies) in general, and whilst this has to be one of the best times in life, having a crush there just makes life so much more worth living (and your attendance much higher). Meeting people here, ensures you meet someone your age who thinks similarly as you, are of similar capabilities or are interested in similar things.

There is absolutely nothing better, simple and beautiful than having an innocent crush to fantasize over to kill those boring Chemistry periods and to sneak a chance to meet them without getting caught by a wandering disciplinarian. I had a friend who met her love when she was 16 at a Maths class and ten years later, they married each other and they still do cheesy walks, holding hands and calling one another cutesy names and if that isn’t goals, I don’t know what is.

02. Public transport woes

Sure, sweaty conditions, being packed like a sardine tin, and fighting sick dudes who don’t understand the concept of personal space, doesn’t sound like the most romantic of conditions, but come Saturday afternoons and Sundays, buses and trains tend to be somewhat bearable and really, all you can do is hope that one day, the empty seat beside you gets taken by a hunk, who’s in mood to talk.

This is kind of rare though, because everyone’s too busy staring at their feeds on their cellphones, disconnecting from the world with earphones, and hiding behind a screen, so don’t keep too much hopes that this will work for you.

03. Budding and secret romance at work (Oooh how exciting!!!)

Maybe you had a moment or two casually networking at an office function, where you HAD to say hi to one another, and maybe you had to call him to get some information on sales targets and a few shared distant glances and smiles from across the floor, you’ve found yourself crushing on that cute guy from sales and guess what? HE LIKES YOU TOO! 😀

A budding romance that would put all television series to shame, relationships with a co-worker aren’t exactly taboo but they are a bit hard to maintain, because you become the topic of everyone’s conversation, and if things don’t work out, it can get kind of embarrassing for both of you. However, work love is actually the most practical, because you are both mature and have reached some level of stability or career path in life and you’ve both come to terms with what you want in life.

04. Kapuwa friend (or aunty) setting you up

What would we do without friends like these? These darlings, not only have relationships, they actually bother to set you up with someone as well and we have to commend them. Embarrassing or not, they actually take an effort for your happiness also, which considering your desperate situation, is just super kind of them. You might meet them at a party of the said kapuwa friend where you’ve both been invited or a trip and when sparks fly, do remember you owe them a treat of some kind.

Now when an aunty does it though, it’s a whole other scene. The whole set of relatives now know that you have been unable to find a man, and it is now their personal mission to find you one. Amongst stories of how they were the catch of the town in their time, and comments on what they feel is wrong with this generation, they will find you someone who you will only consider marrying if the two of you were the last ones left on Earth.

05. Spying the love of your life over a carom game at an almsgiving.

As traditional South Asians, our chances of meeting people openly are very limited. So when that opportunity of a get together, where all the hot neighboring guys and girls come to gather, of course you are not going to miss it!

And it doesn’t matter what this get together is, and in this case, it is the funeral or almsgiving of a friendly neighborhood seeya who just passed away, but hey, who can judge. I mean, you’d see girls and guys wearing their best white clothes and staying late into the night for an excuse to capture the illusive ‘number’ before the night is done. It is weird, because you are kind of setting a foundation for a beginning right where one has ended. But, keeping dead grandmas and grandpas aside (no disrespect intended), cherishing that time of card playing and those late hours to oogle and sneak a smile (or in Sinhala terms, line parak) at that tall, smart boy from down the lane who you’ve never had the opportunity to speak to before, actually is the best opportunity you’ll get for some time.

06. Weddings and parties: Bollywood edition

One of the best places people seem to meet each other is at weddings and parties. I get it. Everyone’s high on emotions, everyone’s dressed really nice and watching the celebrated couple, just makes you realize that you no longer want to die alone. You see a guy dressed real nice and he comes up and sings this romantic, Milton song and somehow he seems to look at you while he does it and boy does sparks fly! Somehow you meet at the dancefloor and everything just falls into place. This is all Bollywoodesque, I know! But bear with me, sometimes cheesy is a good thing!

07. Meeting him/her online

In this current day and age, meeting your significant other online is the most likely first meeting story. You see their cute Instagram or FB profile picture and you can’t resist sending them a request and when they accept, you poke them suggestively and you keep stalking each other’s profiles until one of you has the guts to start the conversation.

And it just flows so well. He turns out to be super funny and he uses smileys to stress his emotions just like you do and soon you’ve secured a first date. The pros of this method is that being rejected doesn’t seem so bad behind a screen, therefore you have an extra boost of confidence to make a move as well.

08. POSH COFFEE SHOP and other places

This is my personal favorite. Because it is just out of a fairy tale. You are with your friends and so is he. You laugh your loudest, dorkiest laugh and he sees you and you share eye contact, and your heart flutters and the best part, he actually gets the guts to walk up to you right in front of your friends (ADFKHALFDJAFA! OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!) and you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world and you are just on the top of the highest mountain and no one can bring you down.

And if all else fails, put an advertisement on the Sunday newspaper with your height, build, skin color and how much money you own with your phone number and you will be sure to get a call or two. 😉

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Top 8 most popular ways Lankans meet their significant others

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