Sri Lankans save yourself from the Samsung Galaxy Note7

For those of us who are fans of android, iPhones churns our tummies. But if the truth be told, the iPhone 7 hasn’t been good news for Samsung, here is a honest review from an eye of a tech freak.


Even before it launched it became a pain for Samsung. The Galaxy Note lineup, is the powerhouse of the Samsung’s Galaxy Series. However it is usually released in August – September, and this year the executives have rushed the phone to release before the iPhone 7. However, the ugly side to this rush is that the phone wasn’t properly tested, thus causing the battery to explode. Basically if the phone has a ATL battery, it’s safe, but Samsung SDI batteries are not.note7safety-recall-notice

Why does it explode?

According to Samsung, “We have identified an issue with certain Note7 battery cells. Your safety is our highest priority. Since affected Note7 batteries can overheat and pose a safety risk, if you own a Galaxy Note7, it is extremely important to stop using your device, power it down immediately and participate in the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program.”

Got a Note7? How do you know if you might die?

Well you can check if your device is under danger by checking the IMEI with this site on Samsung. But if you did purchase the device before October, you need to get it replaced.

How do I get it replaced in Sri Lanka?

We talked with Samsung HQ in Sri Lanka and according to them call the Samsung Hotline now at 011 590 0000 and handover your device to their head office. We were told that they give priority to the devices purchased from Softlogic, but all the affected devices would be replaced for free. Even if it’s not purchased from Sri Lanka.

FYI, the phones are banned from use and carrying during flights due to this exploding issue.

How do you know if the phone is safe?

In the Note7 box, there would be a small black box on the top right hand corner, and for certain parts such as Australia, an S would be included.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Australia Packing (Safe to use)
Samsung Galaxy Note7 Worldwide (Safe to use)

Also the replaced devices run on a different build of the software which changes the battery icon to green.

Safe to use Battery Icon
Safe to use Battery Icon


Sources: Samsung, Forbes and Android Central

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