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Sri Lankans and Frozen Food

What is Frozen Food?

Any food item you Freeze (or refrigerate), so that you can use it later.

What does Frozen Food has to do with Sri Lankans?


Sri Lankans simply hate Frozen Food. They never ever pack the freezer with food, so as to warm it up and use it some other time. It is basically considered as a household crime though no legal action can be taken against it, since no one does it ? As our aunties will tell you! ‘HAPOOOOI! Frozen food!! EEEya!’ 

Sri Lankans are unique in many ways, When it comes to “FOOD” they want nothing but the best.

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be healthy, TASTE is always top priority. And next comes GOODNESS, again it has nothing to do with nutrients, but it has to be FRESHLY COOKED and preferably WARM. Unu, unu kama!

Sri Lankan definition for Frozen Food


All fish & meat items, all desert items, any vegetables & any drink you want to cool. Those are the only food items Sri Lankans allow inside a fridge. Any prepared food item which is part of a main meal is prohibited from entering the fridge. (EPAAAAAA!!!!)

What about left overs?

Well, first of all everyone should try their level best to finish off all food items on the table. If by any chance there are any left overs, those will be given to their pets or the neighboring pets or to any animal on the road including all birds passing by. Many households even have a special place in their garden or on their walls to put leftovers.

So do Sri Lankan’s cook for each & every meal?


Yes of course, every meal needs to be freshly cooked & No food item should be repeated again in the next meal with exceptions for “Parippu” (Dhal Curry) & “Pol Sambol” (A dish made out of scrapped coconut & red chili pieces).

What if there is no way of cooking for one meal?

Hurry up to the nearest shop which sells, ready to eat food items. That is the only time when they do not give much attention to freshness as long as warm food is served.

Seriously are all Sri Lankans like this?


Well No, there are a few who concentrate more in other work than cooking all day. Even they feel bad at times about what they do & somehow cook at least one fresh meal every week. But this is how the majority living in Sri Lanka acts when it comes to their main meals.

Isn’t it a tiring task to the person who has to cook all day?

Sure, it is and most of the time, it is the wife or mother of the household who does it. She will keep on complaining but will always continue cooking all day. Even expect their daughters/daughter-in-laws also to carry on the ‘Kussiye Wiplawaya’!

But why?

Because the wife or mother believes that it is a terrible thing to feed her husband & kids with anything that is not freshly cooked.

But, but, but WHY?

Sri Lankan’s are filled with emotions. When it come to food, the wives/mothers wanna give the others, nothing but the best cooked with love.

May be this is why Sri Lankans are known as people who love to eat. “ලංකාවේ ඉන්නේ හොඳට කන බොන මිනිස්සු”.

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Sri Lankans and Frozen Food

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