Sri Lankan Tea Flavours

Trust Me: This Is Why You Should Try These Tea Flavours Right Away

sri lankan tea flavors

I didn’t use to drink tea much. I have always been a coffee person. But that was all until I had a lime & ginger tea in a quiet corner of a bustling restaurant. After that, things changed. Tea became some sort of a friend. A companion. A silent observer of my writing. Soon I started enjoying tea. Of different colours and different flavours. And when it comes to tea, Sri Lanka, this country of ours, is, world’s best.

What’s special about Ceylon Tea is, it takes you through a journey. A serendipitous one. Our tea is categorized into major agro-climatic regions. Seven of them in numbers. And each of them is different from one another. Each of them has different colour, aroma, strength and flavor.

Is Green tea better than black tea? Nope!

The three most popular teas are black tea, green tea and white tea. Ms. Priyanka Liyanage from the Ceylon Tea Board says that both green tea and black tea has almost the same amount of antioxidants. “It’s been founded that black tea actually has more antioxidants than green tea,” she says (now that is news!) Antioxidants help in cleaning harmful compounds from the blood. It could reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Ceylon Green Tea

“Why people believe green tea is better than black tea is, that, it’s manufactured in larger amounts in developed countries compared to ours and they marketed it that way,” Ms. Priyanka adds. Tea doesn’t contain calories. And it’s the most consumed beverage in the world after water. It helps your metabolism, burns fat and is good for calorie conscious couch-potatoes. But you have to take it the right way. Both green tea and white tea are equally good in losing weight. But make sure you use it without sugar or any other added ingredient.

“Green tea is more palatable. So people have it without sweetening. It is one reason why green tea is marketed as a fat-burning agent because black tea is less palatable and we tend to have it with added sugar,” Mr. Menura Rathnayake from Dilmah Tea says. “As long as you don’t add any other ingredient, mainly sugar, you can keep drinking tea,” He adds. Tea has the moderate amount of caffeine which helps you keep fit for the day. We all know tea refreshes the soul, right? It brings you some sort of relaxations. Good for y’all moodies after a long day.

How many cups of tea per day?

“5-7 cups of tea per day is ideal,” Ms. Sesamy Malwenna from Dilmah Tea says. A cuppa never goes wrong, anyway. Tea helps you keep hydrated. Start your day with a cup of good tea and you’ll know it. It is rich in fluoride, reduces tooth decay, improves dental and bone density.

At t-lounge by Dilmah in Arcade Independence Square, we tried our hands in tea testing. To be honest, we were pretty bad at it. And here’s a picture of Malith testing a spoon of Ceylon Silver Tips – the most expensive kind. One kilo of this is sold around 25 000 LKR and has more anti-oxidants compared to black and green tea.

Tea Testing


“Teapot is on, the cups are waiting, 
Favorite chairs anticipating, 
No matter what I have to do, 
My friend, there’s always time for you.” –Unknown.

The t series

Dilmah t series

Rose and French Vanilla Tea

The t series by Dilmah has a range of teas – each different from one another in terms of colour, flavor and strength. Even aroma. Sesamy says there’s a tea for every mood. Oolong Tea – lies in the middle between black tea and green tea – is good for an evening occasion.

Ceylon Tea Flavours

Single Estate Assam tea is best accompanied with bacon, beef, steak and all sort of meets. Even cheesecakes. Tea helps balancing the flavours of your meal. And Dilmah’s Brilliant Breakfast is famous all around the world. Don’t forget the English Breakfast from the Dimbula region either.

And did you know? The Irish drink tea more than the English.

The Rose and French Vanilla Tea

The Rose and French Vanilla Tea by Dimah is the perfect companion for a romantic occasion. Be it afternoon or after dinner tea with a sweet touch of love and romance, the exquisite flavours and the aroma will create a gentle embrace. Now you know what tea to have for an occasion with a touch of romance. Or even to escape from mundane and be an imaginary princess as you serve yourself a cuppa.

Rose and French Vanilla Tea

Rose and French Vanilla Tea

The t-lounge by Dilmah doesn’t only serve the best tea but also a number of food items such as waffles and crepes. We loved their crepes. The Mango Sensation was perfect, a right blend of sour and sweet accompanied alongside with Vanilla Ice Cream Tea Shake. Certainly it was not enough for me and made me return the next day to t-lounge in Chatham Street – a more cozier and authentic outlet compared to Arcade – to serve myself a Tandoori Chicken Crepe which tasted even better with a Blueberry and Pomegranate Iced Tea alongside.

Food by Dilmah

Food by Dilmah

They have tea shakes, tea mocktails, sparkling tea, iced tea and whatnot. Oh and before I forget, they have tea ice-cream, too. ( Now who is salivating?)

Tea is an anti-bacterial agent.

Gargle with tea when you have common cold. If you have dark and tired eyes, tea helps that, too. Tea relieves eye fatigue. Apply it around eyes.

Tea has all the benefits you need.  A healthy beverage which keeps you hydrated. If you need it sweet, it can easily be sweetened by a low calorie agent such as honey. So what is bad about tea? Nothing. Laze around with a cuppa or refresh yourself in your ‘oh-so-happening’ life. Don’t forget that tea is your silent companion. Tea doesn’t judge you. Tea understands, Tea listens.  

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