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Sri Lankan Family Trips – 06 things to avoid

Planning a family trip can be daunting, especially for Sri Lankan families; where ‘the family’ usually includes everyone from uncles, aunties, cousins and anybody and everybody from your extended family.

Sri lankan Trip Mistakes-07

We all plan itineraries, book transportation and prepare snacks (pol roti, tuna sandwiches, biscuits enough for a small village, and not forgetting the mommy’s special boiled Kadala) for trips but there are many things that we don’t pay any attention to or we have just simply forgotten. Here are 7 things that you need to avoid during family trips in Sri Lanka.

1. Last minute hotel reservations

Sri lankan Trip Mistakes-001

Sure, it may not be the tourist season but there is no guarantee that there will be any hotel rooms available for your family once you get to your destination. It is always better to plan ahead and book rooms before starting your trip. You can always check online (super sweet deals).

2. Packing heavy lunches

Sri lankan Trip Mistakes-02

Sri Lankans are quite traditional when it comes to packing lunches for trips. It’s always better to pack lunch/snacks in “lunchboxes” so nobody will litter on roads. If you do pack food with disposable wrappings, make sure to dispose them without harming the environment. ( this is something very serious that you need to consider)

3. Carrying too much cash and jewelry

Sri lankan Trip Mistakes-03

It’s always safer to avoid wearing too much jewelry and avoid carrying too much cash with you in person. Pickpockets and thieves may target visitors at popular destinations as they always carry a lot of cash in hand.

4. Taking too many photos

Sri lankan Trip Mistakes-04

People can get excited during family trips and start photographing everything they see. ( yes, we are also talking about those annoying selfies, which barely capture the true beauty of that beautiful waterfall behind you ) While it may be for fun you to document your trip, it might irritate local people/shop keepers if they feel like you are being too intrusive.

5. Littering

Sri lankan Trip Mistakes-05

Avoid littering on roadsides and in the wild. Carry a garbage bag in your vehicle and put your trash into it. You can always clear out your litter at the hotel.

6. Drinking water from restaurants

Sri lankan Trip Mistakes-06

Restaurants serve tap water by default. Avoid drinking tap water. Always make sure to fill up bottles with clean water at your hotel or buy fresh bottled water from the supermarket (health is wealth folks).

Illustrated by Mohan perera for refresh.lk

Darth Ren contributed for this article.

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Sri Lankan Family Trips – 06 things to avoid

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