Shopping in Sri Lanka; see if you also got irritated like myself!

Boy weren’t they wrong when they called shopping a therapy!

The average person who laughs at price tags, has adorable curves not exactly in the right places (but curves nevertheless!) and is generally clueless about the hottest shopping spots in town will perhaps not enjoy a shopping spree too much. Even if you are a self proclaimed shopaholic or a lazy fellow who hates to shop, you would certainly not enjoy experiencing the following on your day out. Specially with the Sun and the dust that is prime in our motherland.

1. Hunting for that exclusive “perfect piece”

If you go out to shop on one of your unlucky days, determined to find the perfect dress or the perfect pair of shoes you will probably be setting yourself up for disappointment. That beautiful dress you literally drooled over might have a shocking price tag or that “not so expensive” shirt might look “not so great” on you. The cool pair of shoes might be available in every size except yours and those gorgeous earrings you just love might have some beads missing. Well, such is life you know..

2. The shop assistants who take their jobs too seriously


You walk into the store to enjoy some aimless rambling along the aisles (or you maybe just hanging at the shop till one of your friends turn up) and encounter the employee of the month who decides to watch you like a hawk. Every step you take, every move you make, they will be watching you. They are so good at what they do that even you begin to doubt your innocence and nervously wonder if those “beepers” will go off when you walk out the store. They make matters worse when they ask you what you are looking for and all you can think of saying is “nothing”. And so you say it and meekly leave the store. (this is apparently one of the most common irksome shoppers’ experiences)

3. The seemingly unending wait at the fit on room


Oh! those cruel people who walk into the fit in room before you, with bulging bags and zero empathy for fellow shoppers. They make you wait for what feels like hours on your feet. Sometimes they station a friend at the door and make her run around the store looking for clothes in their sizes. very time the door opens your eyes light up with hope, but then you sigh. Sigh with disappointment because you realize that she only opened her coveted door to show her friend how stunning she looks in that little dress she just tried. You look around to see if anyone else is annoyed, to gang up and raise your voice against this madness, but you see only a bunch of passive people staring at their phones so you burn in silence, and all alone.

4. Waiting for your girlfriend to finish her hunt

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If you are a guy whose girlfriend loves to shop (what am I talking about! All girl friends love to shop!!), you will probably read this bit with tears streaming down your face. The wait!! The never ending wait from the time your darling steps into the store to the time she eventually grows tired and decides to leave, is unbearable. (i feel you son! I feel you) You follow her around trying to be helpful and pick out dresses with a sheepish grin, hoping with all your heart that she will say yes to the dress and exit the store. But that doesn’t happen, oh no. So you drag your poor feet to the couch nearby, seat yourself with a grunt and decide to wait until the ordeal comes to an end. You believe me when I say it will never come to an end, as long as Saturdays exist in our world!

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Written by Dinali Ruwanpathirana

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