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Selecting the best wedding pre shoot location in Sri Lanka

As the season of walking down the aisle and wedding bells chiming is approaching, us at refresh.lk had  a small chat with Sandun Goonesekara from sayyes.lk to find out about selecting the ideal wedding pre shoot location in Sri Lanka, to enrich that memorable moment in which you join in for an eternal bond with the love of your life.

Say Yes - Wedding Planner
Say Yes – Wedding Planner

Proper discussion with the photographer

As per Sandun, the initial step is that  the couple should have a proper discussion with the photographer as the photographer is the foundation on which a successful pre shoot relies on. Prior to deciding a pre shoot location one must take into consideration the personalities, courting history and the profiles of the two individuals, as the photographer could skillfully and subtly merge and blend the backgrounds and histories of the individual into the pre shoot which will  in return augment the quality and the depth of the pre shoot.

Choose few locations

For instance the place you met could be subtly and artfully blended into the pre shoot locations while the theme of the pre shoot could be based on some factor which is significant to the couple in their courting history. Moreover in order to improve the quality of the pre shoot more than one location could be utilized. No doubt one could find unique and scenic locations in Sri Lanka as Sri Lanka is nothing but a paradise.

Panoramic views

There are various locations and places scattered around in Sri Lanka which would be ideal for one’s pre shoot from the countryside to adventurous mountain ranges. If you are up to an adventurous yet memorable experience, there are numerous places full of adventure and panoramic views from Bible rock to scenic views in Sinharaja. Therefore it is best if you do not follow the crowd and just select the mundane pre shoot locations that everyone opts for.

Be unique

“By having a discussion with your photographer you could create a unique, novel pre shoot by merging a new location to your pre shoot. Even places like Mannar with its scorching sun could still be used in a beautiful manner in your pre shoot with the expertise and innovative powers of the photographer. Hence do not limit yourself, but dare to be bold Undoubtedly, your pre shoot will be memorable and beautiful” adds Sandun.

Few novel ideas for pre shoot locations he suggested included; any estate such as rubber estate, paddy fields or even a scenic sea view such as Nilaveli,. Botanical gardens, parks or even old buildings such as the Cargills building could be used as a part of the pre shoot location if you want your pre shoot to be revolved around the urban and city area.

Theme song and Location

On the other hand choosing an ideal pre shoot location would indeed be a garland for the couple as the location would enhance the beauty of the couple. By also intertwining the couple’s love story with the location one could even make an ordinary pre shoot location extraordinary. Also the pre shoot would definitely bring back old memories in the years to come. The song chosen for the pre shoot plays an important role too, as the song should blend well with the pre shoot location. So the couple must discuss their requirements for the pre shoot so that the photographer could create a beautiful work, out of your needs and preferences.

In short there is no perfect location for a pre shoot, yet with the right guidance and the creative powers of the photographer you could use an imperfect location in a very perfect and enriching manner for your pre shoot.

On a final note highlighting on the services “say yes” offered, Sandun stated that they are willing to discuss and arrange a photo shoot that could fit the budget plans of the couple. As such the budget can be revised according to the location of the pre shoot or video trailer. Whereby, the dreams of the couple on having a dream photo shoot will come true without hindering their finances. 

Here is a list of our choices.

Photographer’s favourite Pre-wedding shoot locations in Sri Lanka

If you are planning a wedding and or if you are an amature photographer getting into the wedding photography art ( It is not a business, HELLO!) there are some awesome locations in and around Sri Lanka that could serve as backdrops for some tantalising, jaw-dropping photo-ops.

So, here we go, with a list from an insider’s POV! tadaaa….

1. 98 Acres Resort & Spa

© Danushka Senadeera
© Danushka Senadeera

Now this is a location with a view to die for ( literally, one wrong step and you’d really hit the terrain, but come on, you can of cause watch your step and pose :-)) The mesmerizing atmosphere of the scenic hill country can be witnessed here. Since it is surrounded by a stunning landscape it is believed to be an ideal place which captures breathtaking views.

2. Beaches

© Lakshan Photography
© Lakshan Photography

Sri Lanka is well known for the beauty of the beaches. Since Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean, it is gifted with many breathtaking scenic views. It is also the homegrounds for some of the most luxurious hotels in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for a sun, sandy and sexy photoshoot, beaches got it all bitches! Mount Lavinia, Kalutara, Pasikuda, Nilaveli, Hikkaduwa are just few locations you can look into. Each beach has its own unique beauty. The sky that kisses the sea, the sand that kisses the earth and the sun that sinks in the ocean will be ideal for unique wedding pre shoot poses. Its come with the benefit of being uber cost effective.

3. Galle fort

© shadetreesl.com
© shadetreesl.com

Can there be a list of locations of Sri Lanka without this beauty spot of down-south? It is filled with archaeological and architectural heritage monuments. Which gives it splendour and grandeur of colonial era. Standing strong and beautiful for an astonishing 423 years, Gall Fort is the go to locality for some quick bites of splendorous Sri Lanka through a cam eye.

4. Arcade Independence Square

© native-tribe.com/
© native-tribe.com/

Well ya, it has become quite mainstream, but still, if you got a photographer with a good eye and if you are an arty folk behind the camera eye, you can make it work. The plus factor is its in Colombo central and it’s easily accessible. It’s surrounding of the green pasture and the amazing architecture used provides the best atmosphere for photographs.

5. Dutch hospital

© Rehans Wedding Photography
© Rehans Wedding Photography

This is also a photography beehive, but again we see potential my friends. Comeon, it is considered as the oldest building in Colombo Fort area and this is also named as a heritage building. The outstanding view makes it an ideal place for photography. Again, a very easy access.

6. Viharamahadevi park

© U & G Photography
© U & G Photography
© U & G Photography

Central park Colombo. This has long square pools of water in the center, a bridge, a lake and the world war memorials. Again it’s all about the camera scopes and using it in a handy manner. There are beautiful pathways flanked by palm trees and even grass. Not bad for some lovely snaps of a young couple doting on each other.

7. G L Piyadasa eco-friendly bird park

Preshoot - G L Piyadasa eco-friendly bird park
© G L Piyadasa eco-friendly bird park

This is situated at Rajagiriya though the place is not that popular among people, it has some artistic greenback drops.Their website states that the garden is built for wedding photography, therefore even this place can be ideal for photography.

8. Peradeniya botanical garden

© native-tribe.com/
© native-tribe.com/

The garden consists of more than 4000 species of plants. The garden spreads over to 147 acres and it is gifted with a breathtaking view. Lush, meadowy green yards, lanes and lanes planked with trees, OH..tres romantique, thinking of the place gives me chills, so imagine being there and snapping away with your fingers entwined in your love’s ..ahamm photography much??

Happy posing you guys.

Cover Photo Credit: Danushka Senadeera

Nilendri Senanayake contributed for this article for selecting the locations.

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Selecting the best wedding pre shoot location in Sri Lanka

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