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The hot and trending wedding fiasco to hit Sri Lanka is…wait for it ‘HENS PARTY’, now ladies back in 2011, when I got married, The Hangover had come out, and nocturnal habits of googling whatever had given me a pretty decent idea on what Hens and Bachelors were. However, my friends not being that smart, did not plan any hens for me. (chickens!) my-then-wenda-hubby of course had futuristic friends who had (I believe) a good time on a their own version of a Bachelor’s (to this date I have no idea what the heck happened). Fast-forward 5 years, now ladies and gentleman we are now instagramming snapchatting pokemonning bunch, so of coz Hens is THE IT. So why not some closer look on what this whole Hens and Bachelors mean (for those of us who may have been on a time capsule buried underground at lest :-).

Image credit: www.henpartygamesonline.com
Image credit: www.henpartygamesonline.com

According to my informants (Dear old Google and chick flicks, how boring a life this could be without your presence) Hens party is normally planned by the bride’s’ closest friends, maid of honour or the bridesmaids.

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This is held before a wedding and only the bride and the female friends participates in it. The male version of this is named as the bachelor party or stag party. In different countries this particular party is given different terms.

Image Credit: www.thehenplanner.com
Image Credit: www.thehenplanner.com

Bachelorettes party is for adult women (ahemm, and clears the throat). The reason behind this is to celebrate the last few days of being single. Therefore there are various types of hens parties. Some entertainments and the activities of the day will be planned based on the brides personality. At such parties gag gifts (oh! Oh! Choking hazard!!)  are encouraged and those would lead towards gales of laughter and blushing. Brides friends also don’t forget to teach the bride how to make her husband happy behind closed doors (sex-ed-101) and tease her with a bit of embarrassment and blushing. Some prefer a cocktail party with some naughty games and some prefer a wild night of dancing with the touch of alcohol. Some plan a very decent party while another sector prefers a day with manicures and pedicures, soothing massages and a lot of pampering etc (oh, them Barbie types)

Image credit: www.yachtchartersinmiami.com
Image credit: www.yachtchartersinmiami.com

Bachelors party on the other hand is held for a man before his wedding symbolizing the last few days of his happy single life (he is going to be VERY HAPPY after his marriage, no pun intended). This is normally given to him by his close friends or the best man. Such parties can take place almost anywhere. It might be involved with gamblers and stripping in other countries but in Sri Lanka it doesn’t go to that extreme due to cultural reasons most of the time (Most is the key word here. Plus some prefer hula hopping!! Wink wink). Nowadays the latest trend setter is old fashioned guyness days. Therefore some would prefer going to the woods and having a bonding session(into the woods, again no pun intended). Others might prefer adventures activities like rock climbing, skydiving and whitewater rafting.

Therefore one might see bachelors party as more energetic and adventures than the hens party where else the hens appeal to be involved with a lot of pampering and fun filled games. Sadly some hens parties and bachelors parties involve clubbing, tuning it to tours to mini Vegas. Mostly we can see this at bachelors parties.

Mostly in bachelors eve it seems that they consider it as an end to the more appealing, more tempting single life full of fun. Thus, the best version of merriment becomes consuming alcohol and playing with women at clubs which is well to say the least a bit pathetic.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing just as beautiful as being single. It’s just two ways of enjoying the journey of life. Marriage necessarily doesn’t mean that it is a painful goodbye to your single life. Therefor one must not use the term “bachelors party” and misuse it. Neither the hens party nor the bachelors should end up as an utter disappointments. Simply, enjoy the moment and devour happily to the sanctuary of married bliss. It’s a whole new level of happiness.

Nilendri Senanayake contributed for this article. 

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