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First Time mommy-to-be? YOU NEED TO KNOW THESE!! (Honest tips)

Hello, from the deterred zone of poopland and so many sleepless nights to my fellow first-time mommys and mommy-to-bes. Girls, honestly being a mother is THE turning point of your life. It sure is, it does give a whole new dimension, a perspective to our lives.

It even changes the relationship dynamics with your better-half (it does, and if somebody tells you that is doesn’t! well, they are lying girl)

So buckle-up ladies, you got to prepare yourself.

1. Try and grab as much sleep you can during the last couple of weeks pre-baby arrival!

Yes, you are impatient till you see that bundle of joy. But, you need to sleep because you got many days/years ahead of you, where you are going to be sleep deprived. So better, sleep while you still can.

2. First comes the baby, then comes blues

Ok, it’s your baby, a whole new being, you brought to this world. But you kind of feel a teeny bit overwhelmed by the whole experience? Well, it’s ok! You are allowed to feel so. In a matter of minutes you have become the life line of this amazing, cute little thing, which came out of your tummy. Take a minute to breath in that thought.

3. Postpartum Depression, yes there is something like that

Your body and mind is exhausted. Your hormones are on a whizz, but if you feel that you are feeling more blue than you expected, or that you feel down and under, and that this mommy thing is not working out and that whole world is your enemy! Well, you better explain it to your doctor. I repeat! You need to reach out.

4. Go easy on yourself

Just because, your mom said, your sis said, or an aunt or anyone said, you don’t have to try and do everything by yourself. You don’t need to be the superwoman. Trying to do the dishes, and prepare five course meal while attending to a hungry newborn. Well, save the energy while you can and do what you can. Enjoy your entry to motherhood. When your little one sleeps/naps you do the same.

5. Stop Googling

It’s hard, at every whimper and whim of your baby you are going to worry. But don’t make it an excuse to Google it and get the search result of the worst possible scenario. Believe me when I say that us mommy bears always feel the worst possible situation when it comes to the safety of our kids. So, if you are worried, without googling it out, take the baby to the emergency or relevant location.

6. Trust your instinct

Heard of the phrase ‘maternal instinct’ yeah, it works all the time. If you feel the baby is needs a feed that means the baby needs a feed. Attend to the baby and his/her joys and tears with that instinct which can never go wrong. Your instinct is always better than all those ‘prepare yourself for motherhood’ books you read.

7. Have a regular pediatrician

Your child’s growth and development should be tracked and recorded. Best way is keeping on with regular visit to a specific pediatrician that you are comfortable in speaking with. Having a regular pediatrician will streamline the vaccination and growth tracking of your baby for you.

8. Get your hubby involved

Well, he did play a big part in the ‘production’ of the baby, so let him hold the baby while you nap. Let him play and sing his mini-me his sweet songs and let him cradle that cute bundle to sleep. Take turns in diaper changes at night. Believe me, he loves it and it makes him feel the coziness of being a ‘papa’. His life has changed too. Let him breathe it in.

9. Take-time out when you can

Yes you have a baby, but if you can get a breather, even if that means going to the babymart for a diaper run. Do it! You need to taste the bustling normal life that is occurring outside your home. So it lets you feel normal as well.

10. Don’t forget yourself

Yes, you are now a mommy, but that isn’t your only role in life. Pamper yourself, treat yourself and better yet congratulate yourself for each day, for being you. For being able to pull this demanding, life time job. Dress nicely, even when it means a day by yourself and a whining lil cutie. Only you can make your motherhood exciting and interesting.

So enjoy the impeding motherhood ladies. Good luck

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First Time mommy-to-be? YOU NEED TO KNOW THESE!! (Honest tips)

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