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The Evolution of the Humble Rubber Slipper

Evolution of the Rubber Flip Flop

I have always been a shoe fan, one time my darling doggie ‘Daisy’ got to bite on an Aussi imported IPANEMAS – the hot rubber slippers (ok not trying to blow off my torch here. But that is only available there). Daisy’s devouring of them was an actual heart-breaker! At some point I did finally get over the loss,kissed Daisy’s sweet face and moved on. But I have to say, I was fascinated with the entire turn of events which centered on the humble rubber slipper.

The Bata slipper, as we referred to it in our early days, was simply worn at home and was a taboo to be seen wearing them in public. Its purpose was an easy to wear slip on to get about with our day to day affairs at home and may be accompany us on an occasional trip to the beach.

That was back then. Now! our humble rubber slipper has become the Flip Flop. Gone are the days where the slipper came in three colours and three colours only, black, grey and blue. You have only to make your way to any popular shopping complex which will be stocked with flip flops of every colour imaginable making you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Flip Flop Sri Lanka

Bold colors were the foundation of the rubber slipper fashion journey. They were so bright and shocking that one simply had to own a pair. The second phase was the printed slipper which took longer to catch on as a trend. However that too eased in and has resulted in the flip flop fashion we see today. Floral designs, stripes, animal prints and even graffiti style writings all have made an appearance. If you see the collection done by Odel this summer, you may notice the above mentioned trends as well as a few abstract art work thrown in there. Arugam Bay, a trendy beach wear brand in Sri Lanka has mostly stayed true to bold colour coordination. Am I correct to say that slippers have become somebody’s canvas?

Flip Flop Sri Lanka
#Arugambaybeachwear. Image credit: arugambaybeachwear.com
Colorful Slippers Sri Lanka
#Backstage. Image credit: odel.lk
Sri Lanka`s tropical weather has made the flip flop a year round fashion must have. Not to mention us Millennials can`t make an appearance at our trendy cafes and eateries without donning the famous Y-shaped slipper. If you ask me the trendier the event, the bolder the slipper must be.
So let`s celebrate this unexpected yet wonderful journey by sporting the brightest rubber slipper available.

Happy Flip flopping…
FACT- Even though they say Dogs are colorblind, if you own Popsicle coloured slippers please note they may need special protection. (oh! Yeah..secure that candy printed flop of yours, before it hits the Dog Dinner)

Talia Weerakkody contributed to this article.

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The Evolution of the Humble Rubber Slipper

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