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Classic Sinhala Romantic Novels to look at Book Fair 2016

Yeah, reading! Something that is not very trendy in this social media age. But I tell you guys, it is the best medium of therapy. Most of my young ‘mallis and nangis don’t really like reading, even those who do, believe in John Green and some vampire/werewolf authors. (No offence, those are my guilty pleasures as well) Yet, have you ever stopped by to read some Sinhala romances? Nothing can be compared to reading in native tongue which are full of amazing one liners that could tap your mind. Believe me, when I say, that along with #KasunKalhara songs on air, rain and a mug of coffee; an amazing Sinhala novel could do miracles to your ailing heart.(TRIED and TESTED). So here goes, my list of Sinhala must reads (spoilers alert) and it’s just my reads, they are romances that give me heartbreaks.

1. ගොළු හදවත(Golu Hadawatha) by Karunasena Jayalath

Golu Hadawatha Novel

The epic, Sinhala teen love story brings back many chilling memories on first love, and first crush. Dammi and Sugath, are still an amazing couple in my eyes. It is a story of a mischievous girl, who seemingly plays the heart of the innocent boy who ends up a ‘Devdas’ thanks to her. But is she really a Lady Stone Heart? Read to find out. (And if your interest peaks, you can watch the movie as well. It was directed by Maestro Lester James Pieries under the same title).

2. සුලඟ වගේ ඇවිදින් (Sulanga Wage Awidin) by Dinesh Colombage

Sulanga wage awidin

Now this book, I tell you, was a sensation 10 years back, when we were still at school. Everybody wanted to read it and it was not easy to find it at the library. The story is a narrative of a seventeen year old trickster when it starts. It has many one liners that makes you smile like an idiot while reading it. (word of advice, don’t read it in public, coz there is potential others might wonder why you keep smiling to yourself). The story is the usual teenage drama, but the plot twist is the heroine, is ‘older’. I guess it’s a book that even young boys must read.

3. වස්සාන සිහිනය (Wassana Sihinaya) by Upul Shantha Sannasgala

Wassana Sihinaya

This book is the very reason for a Kasun Kalhara playlist ending up as my go-to list on the phone. The movie ‘Adaraneeya Wassanaya’ is based on this book. The story written by the male protagonist’s point of view is a saga on its own accord. It has all the ingredients of a romantic tragedy, love poems, poor boy, rich girl, sad strolls in the park and rain. Well! read it yourself guys. It will hit the deep spots in your heart.

4. මගේ කුලුදුල් පෙම්වතිය (Mage Kuludul Pemwathi) by Upul Shantha Sannasgala

Mage kulundul pempathiya

We have all been there, crushes! When it’s someone unattainable. It’s your first love. It hits you deep. A different perspective on young love. A very romantic read again by Mr.Sannasgala.

5. ගැහැනු ළමයි(Gahanu Lamai (series)) by Karunasena Jayalath

Gahanu Lamai

Gahanu lamai, Pirunu Hadak and Hathuru Hithak is another series by Karunasena Jayalath which was a hit among us book worms while still schooling. The romance follows a love saga, a tragedy and many problems common to young love. It follows the protagonists from their very young age to a burned out marriage. Love, comes with lust and hate. Absolute must-reads.

There you have it. The list is just a peek at many amazing Sinhala novels that could make your teens/youth fuller with intense mirth that only a romantic book can give you. Now, go grab one of those books, and rent a heartache.

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Classic Sinhala Romantic Novels to look at Book Fair 2016

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