Brand new local inventions – Sahasak Nimawum 2016

Are you a budding inventor? Or were you gaping at the wondrous inventions like ‘Bisokotuwa’ by ancient Sri Lankans and wondered what happened to us? Why isn’t it a Sri Lankan inventing the next ‘automated-self driven-voice-controlled car’?


If you visit the ‘Sahasak Nimawum 2016’ which will be held from 22nd to 24th September at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC), you will be able to witness 100 finest innovations of our very own.


Inventions are a key to the future of the world. Among the 100 innovations, there might be at least one that could make ripples for our future. Which is why Sri Lankan National Invention Exhibition “Sahasak Nimavum” is organized by Sri Lanka Inventors Commission (SLIC) annually, to identify the best Inventions of Sri Lanka.

The Exhibition consists of four categories School Category, University Category, Open Category and Commercialized Category. There are interesting inventions including an air conditioned shoe, solar shoes and KAPLA motor car. Visit the exhibition to see more interesting innovations. new inventions from all the nine districts which will be evaluated at the exhibition which will consist of 89 from open category, 199 from school, 15 from University and Tertiary and two from Commercialized Invention category.


The best invention/inventor from each category will be awarded the ‘Dasis Award’ – which is an award which commemorates our very own King Ravana, who is considered one of the greatest inventors of Lanka’s history. All the awards will presented on the National Inventors Day on October 26.

If you are interested in inventions, and want to involve yourself in innovation or if you have friends at school who are interested in inventions but do not have proper guidance. You better reach out to SLIC.

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