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Best gift exchanges to try out for Sri Lankans

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good gift exchange? Back in the 90’s, there was a phase when everyone loved pen pals and exchanged long letters and postcards. (I got hit by nostalgia) A decade later it switched to emails and then eventually social media. Technology is great – but it lacks the excitement of getting something in snail mail. The feeling of receiving a letter, a postcard or a little trinket, may seem like a distant memory to some of us. But thanks to Reddit, there is an amazing option that allows anyone to sign up for a gift exchange. The gift exchange options are selectable locally or internationally, – and it is always advisable to select the latter if you are comfortable with shipping fee involved in sending a parcel internationally. It’s basically signing up for a super cool secret Santa-ish gift exchange.

Have we built up your eagerness to participate in a gift exchange, yet? Here are the top 5 gift exchange options

1. Fantasy themed

This gift exchange allows those who are passionate about fantasy fiction to exchange items under the category to each other. Once you set up your profile, all you need to do its settle in and submit your fantasy favorites for your secret Santa to snag you that little fantasy thingy bob you always wanted. The most exchanged items include a game of thrones funkos, fantasy novels, and PS3/PS4/Xbox games.

2. Food/Cook books

We all love eating, but some of us do enjoy cooking a lot more! (meh!)This is a great way to identify authentic recipes from hometowns of fellow users and get to know how to dish out those delicious meals the right way.

3. Books

Calling all bibliophiles, bookworms, and lovers of luminous literature! This fantastic exchange allows those who are passionate about reading to share books from current best sellers to romance novels to fiction.

4. Pics and Photography

Photography fanatics will enjoy this and guaranteed by the community. Fellow users can snap up some good photographs through a DSLR, disposable camera or even a smartphone camera, then print them out and snail mail it to the user. The beauty of this exchange is receiving a handful of exotic images from the fellow user’s hometown and vice versa.

5. Annual Christmas secret Santa

The annual christmas exchange happens every year close to Christmas. This is Reddit’s most loved gift exchange. Fellow users go insane signing up for this special secret Santa exchange so they can list out all their favorite things in the world. Only some are lucky enough to actually get what they want (hello new XBOX) but, hey it’s worth a try, right?

We have tried and tested some of these gift exchanges and it excited us like little children waiting for diabetes infused candy on X-Mas. Visit redditgifts.com and let us know how your exchange went, in the comments section below.

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Best gift exchanges to try out for Sri Lankans

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