Awkward Mommy Moments that Every Mother Faces

Oh the sweet, sweet joys of motherhood which bring so much color and meaning to life. The intense delight of watching a little one thrive and grow under your loving influence is truly priceless.


But motherhood is not all about sunshine and roses. It’s a battle: It’s a struggle. And you will surely encounter some of the most awkward moments of your life while you are mothering your tiny tot.

Awkward Moment 😳 #01:
When your toddler refuses to leave you

Image Credit: REUTERS/Jim Bourg
Image Credit: REUTERS/Jim Bourg

The happy family get together when all the old aunties that you remember from your childhood photos gather around to coo over your rambunctious toddler, sets the perfect stage for the awkward moment 1. They marvel at how much your little boy looks like their grandmother and approach him with open arms to smother him with kisses. And then he reacts: Reacts with such vigor that he startles everyone in the room. He yells at them and clings on to you and refuses to let go. You try your best to explain to the embarrassed ladies that he is not always like this. But rest assured, you have been judged. Not the kid nor the excited aunties you startled the kid, but you. “You should teach your children how to be polite don’t you know?” they will say.

Awkward Moment 😳 #02:
When your toddler refuses to come to you

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Image Credit:

Little children love change as much as adults. So when they get a break from their routine and schedule they really start enjoying themselves. I guess some children associate their mothers with the monotonous (and necessary) and strict (and loving) routine of the average day. So when they are out having fun and you call them to you, they refuse to obey (often with a shrill shriek!). Good luck to you if at such a moment you are surrounded by people who feel they MUST comment about everything that happens around them. They will say “oh she doesn’t want to go to her mother”, “oh why is she angry with her mother?”, “oh she loves granny more” or “oh are you tired of your mother?” while you just stand there terribly mortified.

Awkward Moment 😳 #03:
When your methods are challenged in public

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You might be the cleverest momma in town, but if you don’t stand up for yourself you will find yourself being ruthlessly criticized by those who seem to have an opinion about everything under the sun. The way you dress your child will be criticized, the food you feed your child will be scrutinized. When you become a mother, you become the recipient of an avalanche of unsolicited advice. Most of the people who give you advice are sometimes clueless about what is right or wrong for your little one. Nevertheless they make you feel like you are the frivolous creature who has no spark of common sense. You stammer and stutter as you try to defend your methods and then you realize that they don’t even want to listen.

Awkward Moment 😳 #04:
When your little one starts swearing in public

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Your darling cherub starts schooling and learns all the good, bad and the ugly words. He doesn’t just learn those words. He learns how to say those words at all the wrong moments: when your boss comes over, at the family reunion or at Sunday school. The easiest way to get him to say it more often is to say “NO” so you just decide to let it all go and let the world think you are a useless, profane, blasphemous creature. Because you do know that people think kids learn EVERYTHING, especially the bad things at home.

Awkward Moment 😳 #05:
When competitors strike

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Competition. It’s everywhere. You cannot escape it. Neither can your precious little ones. You will meet mothers, grandmothers and also fathers and grandfathers who seem to find great delight in making comparisons between kids. Their kids will always be superior, you can take it from me! It’s disappointing to see the way that adults fail to see little children as individuals who reach milestones at their own precious pace. From the number of teeth that toddlers have to the grades they eventually get when they grow up, everything becomes a topic that leads to comparisons. It’s embarrassing, it’s useless and in my opinion, it’s also destructive.

Well, dealing with the people who surround you and your kids is also part of the journey of motherhood. But whenever you have a tough day with the folks, remember that no matter what anyone says, for your little ones, your arms will always be home and it is your duty to protect them, nurture them and love them, always unconditionally.

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Written by Dinali Ruwanpathirana

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