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Our team of expert writers and creative directors, work hand in hand to develop marketable content, that is fresh and novel. Which would help grow ‘BRANDS’ to their optimum. We can guarantee that content that we develop are shared and viewed to generate maximum traction from the relevant target group.

 Our Content

We will not only create innovative, informative and sharable content but we would engage in market research prior to each project, so we could make sure that the content we develop is relevant to your target audience and it reaches the full potential and generates maximum ROI to those who engage in marketing with us.

Involvement of Brands

We provide comprehensive case studies and reports to our client Brands so that they understand how strong we perform and the ROI they could gain through advertising with us. We also provide the client brands the opportunity of direct engagement with their potential consumers through our comments section.

Refresh.lk Audience

106,351+ – January Page views

51,484+ – January Readership

27kFacebook Followers

94kMonthly video views

Refresh.LK Growth

It has to be accepted that we are all sick and tired of the same of ill-figured political memes, baseless gossips shared online. Furthermore, nobody goes online to read the ads as well. So how do we make sure your ‘Brand’ is received well by potential clients online?

It is a simple solution, we develop share worthy content, that is accepted by our audience as we are a ‘trusted source’. This credibility that Refresh.lk presents our audience is what keeps the number of our readership growing day by day.

Refresh.LK Readership





01. Brand Visibility

You can sponsor one of our ‘awesome’ articles, we would post your brand logo on the top of the article and a banner ad below the article. When the post gets shared on different social media mediums by our readers, it would create a domino effect and provide your brand with maximum exposure and visibility.
Ex: We will publish an article titles “ A playlist to enjoy while at a long drive in your vehicle”
If your are a brand that is an upcoming ‘car audio kit’ providers or ‘vehicle audio system upgraders’ you could sponsor the above article.

02. Listed Content

Refresh.LK At refresh.lk we develop a unique series of content that consists of various lists. Reason being pshycologically, readers would rather go through lists, than long series of paragraph after a paragraph. So how do we include branding into listings?
Ex: Refresh writers would create a listing on the topic “10 romantic hangouts for couples in Colombo” this article would be shared by the couples a lot. So if you are a owner of a romantic boutique hang out, a café, a juice bar etc. This is your chance to advertise with us. We could even mention your location on the listing itself.

03. Sponsored Article

Sponsored articles are the content that is developed by Refresh writers with careful consultation with our client brand to subtly promote your brands. These are not advertisements. Instead we develop the content in such a way that your target audience reads our content and shares them to bring in you maximum ROI.
Ex: We developed an article titled “Holiday in Maldives at the same cost you spend in SL” this was a sponsored article by a hospitality client of ours. What we did was we developed a comprehensive article on what to do in Maldives, while mentioning our client as the best budget option for accommodation during the holiday. This article in fact, got 6500+ social media traction and over 200 comments and inquiries that were directly linked to the client and generated new marketing options for our client.

04. Sponsored Video

This would mean including your brand logo in our video, on multiple occasions during the video is played by a particular viewer. There is many potentials and avenues in terms of sponsored videos where we can work with you for brand building. If you could meet us or message us on this, we would revert you ASAP.

05. Display Ads

Use of banner spaces have been one of the age old online advertising mechanisms that we are all aware of. However, we at refresh do not like to clutter our website with too many ad spaces and make it a hindering experience to our readers and viewers. Yet, we do provide couple of ad spaces where your ad would get prominence among them, as there is only a couple of ad spaces and it makes the potential of visibility to increase. You will be charged per individual impression. (LKR 1 for unique impression).
Ex: If you post on one of our ad spaces, and on a particular day your ad is viewed by 5000 unique viewers, the ad space would cost your Rs.5000.00 per the particular day. You could actually pre plan your ad budget with this option as well. Where you give us a budget of X number and once your ad is viewed by an X number of viewers, your ad would be taken off.

In addition to afore mentioned, there is always the possibility of customizing your digital marketing campaign according to your requirement. If you are an advertising/ media agency, we can also collaborate with you in your client’s marketing campaign.

   Join with us to breathe fresh air to the local marketing arena | [email protected]


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