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Ad Mash-up for the Sri Lankan 90s Kids

Back in the day when we played with “kom pittu” and read “Pem Gam Peraliya”, we sat in front of the TV sharp at 5 for cartoons! Not all that is fresh in our minds, but, there is one thing we don’t forget even to this day, THE ADVERTISEMENTS!. So here is a gift for the 90’s and the 80’s kids, a nostalgic list of 10 classical “Sri Lankan” ads and for the millennials, yes there was a time like this, and we cherish it to this day!!.

This was not endorsed by any company, but we did have a plain tea with Gold Marrie while writing, to get our creative juices flowing.

Disclaimer, the credits go to the original creators of the ads and to the owners of the YouTube channels who uploaded them.

  1. Gamperliya newi Pemperaliya – Polo

Girls and boys take note, this is how to shapify the growling elder who keeps peeping in when you are trying to have a moment alone. Simple, mix a polo to his bulath vita 😉

PS – Side effects may include spontaneous dancing.

  1. Mihiren Mathakaye RandeOrange Barley

Akki is the boss of the Sellam Gedara. There is hardly any 90s kid who has forgotten this tune. The advertisement had prequel (the video has the sequel) and yes, you may ask why Elephant House did that. The answer is, IT WAS SOO POPULAR !!! (Arrrrgh) and today it has become a unifying tune of the 90s kids, a great convo starter, just like

“Hey do you remember that old Orange Barley add?”
“Oh Yes man, CLASSIC!”

  1. Saaaaaaaaaaaauce, Kist Tomato Sauce – Kist Sauce

Ok, hold up, now how many of you read the title to tune? (I rest my case, this ad is un-for-get-table). This is another one which had a sequel for the same reason, and in the sequel, boy did we drool to see that small boy (yes the one with round spectacles) all grown up to be a handsome dude (oh Puberty!)

  1. London wala Albert uncle – Seylan Bank

No it’s not Superman who saved the day, nor Batman, but Albert Uncle! Are you the bold and daring best man who lost the wedding ring? Why ask anyone around for a loan when there is Albert uncle in London to get the money? Albert uncle woot woot!

  1. Tikiri Mole – Munchee Tikiri Marie

Trust me, we’ve all been there!. Imagine you are on stage, all dressed up and after days and days of rehearsing you forget the lines. Everyone is looking at you and you are scared already, the teacher is looking at you but not helping (sooo evil!), then you see a marie! “Tikiri Tikiri Tikiriliya, wedikawa udata giya, kaviya mathaka nathuwa giya…”, you remember the rest? Tikiri Marie for the rescue.

  1. Diskette Eka – Ceylonta

Ok, now let me first explain the keyword here. Yes we did use Diskettes and they were cool too okey??. The ultimate energy boost, Ceylonta (or any kind of tea for that matter), but we remember the ad for the handsome Arosh and the long haired mystery girl who later turns out to be his boss’s daughter.

  1. Obamai Ma Hadawathe Sathutu Sinawan Mathu Kale – Kandos Chocolate

Hands up if you remembered Tin Tin with this ad. It was most played during cartoons and children’s programmes, and as a result, this has been stuck in our heads, since forever, and most probably, till forever (Geezzz thanx Kandos)!  

  1. Mala Kolang – Arpico Rubber

The newlyweds are bound to have quibbles but things go for a six if the mother-in-law is informed and she says ‘ewa koheda’. The best fix is in this ad, and, it might actually work, who knows?

  1. Nobody wants to be lonely – Dialog

Way back in those days, seeing a mobile phone in the wild was like seeing a unicorn! Now we imagine this ad gave some hope for the teenagers of the time for a future where you’d be climbing mountains and going swimming with your friends, and of course Ricky Martin singing in the background. Thinking back, I wonder if there was even cell coverage in those mountains, but hey let’s Keep in Touch shall we?

  1. Stella – Lanka Bell

This is actually a burning problem, which we admit is still the case. Your buddies have met up for a “small chat” while the missus is away, how do you invite your neighbour? Well try shouting over the balcony when “katiya set wela” is heard as inquiring after the neighbour’s wife “Stella”. That time the excuse to get away was to ask for the newspaper but why suffer when you can give a ring?

Before we wrap up, here are a few Honorable Mentions

Because Mother knows best – Astra Margarine

Heta Dawase Veerayo – Ceylinco Ran Daru

Amma Ape Hari Hondai – Anchor

Good Morning Kiri Maame – Rich Life

Charlie Chaplin – Dulux

Yes these ads are old, and that is because, we are old now (I know man). So there goes the list we remembered and most probably, will remember for a loooooooooog time. And until next time, Adios!

Nandula Perera contributed to this article. 

Anything we’ve missed? The comments section is yours!

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Ad Mash-up for the Sri Lankan 90s Kids

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