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Well, who are we exactly? ?

It’s all started here. #refreshlk

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It is a deep question, which each of us will answer differently.

Hansi – our in-house,Mad-hatter Editoress (she says that is a word she invented!), would tell you that ‘Us’ at Refresh are a socially quizzical?, yet achievement driven set of young brood, with visions that reach beyond this galaxy? .

The Techi-geek ?  Tharindu will say, Refresh is a labour of tech-love to our nation ?? , with so many hours spent (lovingly of course) on codes and refreshed viral worthy info graphics and community platforms?.

And if you tend to stop by our very own busy-body ? Mohan, he’ll say Refresh is ‘THE CONCEPT OF A LIFETIME’?.

All in all, we are a self-funded social-media platform which is on the journey of readjusting the utopia of Sri Lankan media landscape, that could match the globe-trotting, insta-pixed, fb-dating generation of ours.?????

We work on an open community platform, where our writers are U!? yes, you, we publish your story. So, join us to make your story heard.?

Our Team?

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Guest Writers✍️

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