6 instant noodle hacks – Saviour of ‘Badagini Army’!

At less than Rs.100 a packet, instant noodles are a saving grace for meal times when one is too tired, too busy to cook a full meal or too broke to afford something better. Or you just crave it! As much as your mom says its not at all nutritious, nothing beats a lazy but crazy hungry tummies like instant noodles. However, when you think of instant noodles, you rarely think of it as a gourmet meal or as something you’d eat on a good day.

Well hold that line of thought, because we are here to change it with 6 hacks to change your whole perspective about instant noodles.

01. Instant noodle crusted fried chicken

There is nothing stands for comfort food than a plate of good, crispy fried chicken. There are two ways you can use instant noodles to bread your fried chicken before frying it.

You could grind the noodles into a crumb to be used like breading as shown below:

Image Credit: Lucky peach
Image Credit: Lucky peach


Or you could break the noodles into larger chunks and use it in a double coating:

Image Credit: foodbeast.com
Image Credit: foodbeast.com

Check the recipe on popsugar

Remember to substitute ramen for whatever instant noodle packet you have lying around and if you have a packet of oil or sauce as well with your standard seasoning, like for example with Maggi Devilled add the liquid seasonings to your wet batter and add your dry seasoning packet to your dry batter.

Comments: The coat of noodles makes the chicken really crispy and delicious and the seasoning in the batter really gives an extra boost of flavor. If you are vegetarian, you could try out this recipe by replacing the chicken with mushrooms.

02. Instant Mee Goreng

Image Credit: fussfreecooking.com
Image Credit: fussfreecooking.com

Craving for some Chinese or some Nasi Goreng? Why not switch things up with an Instant Noodle Mee Goreng, which is super easy to make. You can try it here.

Comments: Be sure to drizzle mayonnaise and ketchup over the top and serve with a fried bull’s eye. If you use the black Maggi Devilled packet, they have a sauce that comes anyways, which you could use instead of the kecap manis.

03. Instant Noodles and Cheese (A play on Mac and Cheese)

Image Credit: Thespicekitrecipes.com
Image Credit: Thespicekitrecipes.com

The only way to upgrade macaroni and cheese is to make it easier to make it by using instant noodles! 😃 Try it on

Comments: You can replace the Sriracha with hot sauce or chili flakes and it is important to ensure you do not cook the noodles for too long. Therefore boil the noodles only for 1 minute and drain, otherwise it becomes too mushy in the cheese sauce. So comforting and so good, this recipe is an absolute must try!

04. Insta Pad Thai

Image Credit: shandymedia.com
Image Credit: shandymedia.com

It’s funny how a bit of peanut butter, fish sauce and lime can completely upgrade the simple instant noodles packet and give it a whole new flavor. Try this Thai flavor bomb. 

Comments: Thai food is usually characterized by its long cooking and a lot of ingredients. It’s surprising how you can get such a great-tasting Thai meal by doing so little. If you have time and energy, you could complement it with this Thai omelet (Khai Jiao).

05. Instant Noodle Carbonara

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com
Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

What’s a list of recipes, if there wasn’t something Italian as well. Try out this amazing and easy Carbonara recipe.

Comments: This recipe is somewhat technical. You have to be sure to remove the pan before you add the egg mix so that the eggs don’t scramble and do remember to reserve the pasta water before you drain the noodles. It is also important to remember not to boil the noodles for more than a minute because it would get too mushy when you cook it in the sauce.

I could recommend one further addition to suit our Lankan taste buds more. Right where you add olive oil to the bacon, you can add half a small onion diced and around 4-5 cloves of garlic chopped finely. For all Lankan people who don’t eat pork and can’t stand the sight of CHICKEN BACON (ERGH!), try using slices of chicken and garlic sausages.  (YUM!)

06. Instant noodle Shepherd’s pie

Image Credit: snapguide.com
Image Credit: snapguide.com

A classic comfort food to warm your cold and broken soul, Shepherd’s pie is perfect. The only way to make it better? Add instant noodles. Find the recipe here

Comments: You can substitute the beef for Chicken mince/diced Chicken or you can substitute this entire mix for a chicken pot pie mixture.

The only way to make this better is to add a layer of mashed potatoes right before you add the noodles (if you love carby, starchy goodness like I do!)

Try these out and level up your Insta-noodle experience 😉 and you may #insta your #instanoodles with #Refreshlk

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