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20 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It is almost the end of October and guess what that means – time to get ready for HALLOWEEN! ?

But if you are like me, you’d probably look for creative but the most budget friendly, easy-to-do costumes that you could probably use for something else later.

So here are some last minute fun costumes we found around the Internet ?


01. A BAG OF JELLY BEANS (or any colorful candy like Smarties or Pebbles)


You can find out how to do this in further detail at: popsugar.com

All you need is a clear trash bag, some colorful balloons, some ribbon and a marker to pull this off, making this super easy to do.

02. Medusa – the fatal Gorgon, for one look at her eyes could turn you into stone.


As the story goes, Medusa was supposed to be a beautiful woman, but after degrading the temple of Athena, she was punished with eyes that turn any man whose eyes meet them to stone and venomous snakes instead of hair. (ahamm!!)

Follow the steps given here to get this drop-dead (literally) gorgeous look:

You could totally revamp this look by making it more evil and creepy looking rather than beautiful by going for a more green or black look. You can even add snake contact lenses or draw scales on your skin using makeup. You could even paint the snakes gold or black. It is absolutely essential however to emphasize the eyes with makeup and false lashes to give that killer stare.

03. Clark Kent a.k.a Superman


All you have to do is wear formals and a black thick framed glasses. Halfway through the party pull it open to reveal your superman t-shirt underneath. Careful not to pull off your pants as well though unless you’re prepared with something underneath. (Superman Style! Undies on the top)

04. Cutesy Scarecrow


This look is super comfortable and easy to do and you probably have all the clothes you need for it at home anyways. Read how to do on this look on: The joy offashion blog

05. God’s gift to *Insert gender of choice*


This is for those who are feeling especially lazy. You don’t even need to put yourself in a box. All you have to do is dress real nice, tie a ribbon on yourself and attach a gift tag with the words, To: Women/ Men; From: God.

06. PPAP Man


Dress up like the very viral PPAP singer, DJ Piko-Taro. You can find out what you need here.

07. Naked SIM Character

All you really have to do for this one is wear a nude colored bottom and a tube top and follow the below link to create the diamond and the censored squares.

Follow this tutorial to create the green diamond for the head:

And use this link to create the censored body:

08. Wind up Doll


You can make this look beautiful or extremely creepy. Wear a really girly or doll-like dress with lots of lace or a full skirted bottom. Wear Mary Jane shoes with frilly socks. Create the creepy vibe or the beautiful vibe with your make up.

Use this tutorial for the key.

09. DIY Pineapple costume


This simple look is really easy to do, all you need is a yellow outfit, and to make your crown of leaves. Follow these steps.

10. The Grudge or the girl from Ring


Just don a long white dress (Try to make it look a bit dirty, like you came from a well or that you’re dead), wear your hair long and all over your face and apply a really pale white makeup on the skin that shows (face, hands, legs). Apply a lot of black khol on your under eyes to really creep up your look.

11. Butcher Pig


Get an apron stained red to represent blood. Get two meat knives and stain those with red paint as well. Find a pig, cow, chicken or sheep mask from your local toy shop to represent the animals we eat. Wear a black top and some dirty pants and you are set to creep anybody out.


01. Be points on a Google Map


All you need for this is a grey top, some color print outs and cut outs of streets and bus stops and a piece of red cardboard or felt cutout for the point ☺ This makes a great group customer and would be fun to do this with friends.

02. Zombie-fied Disney Princess

Have a large group of friends and thought you all can go together? Why not dress up as the gang of Disney princ-, wait it gets even better – ZOMBIE DISNEY PRINCESSES?


You can wear shorter and easier to find dresses which you can actually use later like below:


03. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Get geared with this really easy, cool teenage mutant ninja turtle outfits with your gang of 4 for Halloween this year. See how:

Make the shell using this tutorial.

04. The spice girls (Literally)


Go for a punny costume where instead of posing as the pop band, the Spice girls, you pose as the literal version. Don black outfits and get the same hats to tie your group together.

05. Alice and the White Rabbit


I love this couple’s outfit, and it is pretty simple to do as well. All you need are bunny years, a giant pocket watch, a frilly dress, Mary Jane shoes, and a bow to put this off.

06. French chef and classic croquembouche


This is also super easy to do, though it takes some effort to put together the outfit of the croquembouche. See how to do it here.

07. Cookies and milk


See how to get this cute and iconic look.

08. Dominos


Cut some white paper circles and don completely black outfits. Stick these white cutouts on your black clothes to be dominos. Similarly, you could don completely white outfits and stick on black cutouts as well.

09. Bandits


This is one of the easiest looks to create. All you need is a black and white striped t-shirt, black pants, gloves and shoes and a mask as well as a bag to put in the money you ‘steal’.

What would you like to wear? Let us know in the comments below!

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20 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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