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12 reasons why being single ROCKS!

We all know being single for a long time can be difficult.

And seriously, who can say that they don’t need a relationship without sounding a tad bitter, you know what I mean?

Come on, sometimes life does get lonely, when all your friends are out on dates, when they keep talking about how their significant other treats them like a princess and when everyone’s asking you what your relationship status is. And you’re just like,

But then inside, you are like ‘WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?’ And you just wonder why somehow you seem to be failing at the most basic concept of life and evolution. I mean even a baboon can flash their butt at their mate and be in a relationship, while you are here, being all doomed and single. No partner to share the struggles of life with. Sometimes you crave a bit of drama in life, you know?

But then again, being single has its perks and here are 12 signs why being single ABSOLUTELY rocks!


Like, I do not get why people do not talk about this. All the money you save on dates, gifts and hit-the-roof phone bills, you get to spend on someone pretty darn special – YOURSELF, and if that isn’t the best thing ever, I do not know what is. I mean even an average meal for 2 at a decent restaurant costs around Rs.5,000 and you have to do this on regular basis. And when the new iPhone comes out, of course you are going to buy it for yourself right? NOO! ‘Cuz you have to buy it for her/him, since your significant other’s been eyeing it too. Like WHYYYY?

2. You have SAVED yourself from DRAMA and heart palpitations (the emotional kind).

Have you heard your friends share how their lovers cheated on them, flirted with other people in front of them, made them feel small, the fights they had, the mother in law issues and how they break up one day, fall in love all over again the next, and you’re just glad you’re single and don’t have to deal with all this drama? You’ve watched your friends bawl their eyes out and constantly worry, and base their moods and plans for their life on this person. BUT NOT YOU! Drama is just not on your to-do list for today (or forever, whatever your destiny in life is ?).

3. NO SHAVE – FOREVER (unless you want to, for yourself) ?

This doesn’t need explanation. If this isn’t the best thing about not being in a relationship – I do not know what is.

4. You don’t have to factor anybody in on your decisions.

Sometimes it’s nice having someone who will be a part of everything in your life. But sometimes, it just becomes an added burden.

Want to travel the world in 40 days? Want to quit that job you hate? Want to get a tattoo? Want to just spend a weekend by yourself for no reason? Want to go clubbing and partying in Trinco and just drink the night away (without making anyone jealous or upset or having to listen to constant nags and warnings)? YOU CAN! Because you don’t need to ask anyone’s opinion or (God forbid) permission, and you do not have one more person to please.

5. Sometimes you are just too busy, You know it’s bad when you’d have to write down ‘SPEND TIME WITH THE BOYFRIEND’ on your to-do list to actually remember to.

In addition to work, spending time with friends and family, studying or finishing your degree, and catching up on your hobbies and personal tasks, finding the time to spend with your significant other could be seriously difficult.

6. You don’t have to worry about losing your dignity or good name (Brown country problems)

You know how every aunty, uncle, distant cousin of your grandma, and neighbor just seems to make your life a serious point of discussion in theirs? Like you know you are basically the new GoT episode, and each week, there’s just something new about you to discuss and you really don’t want to have a significant other for everyone to pick apart and judge.

Yes, of course they have a right to interfere, it is a legit part of their business and yes, of course they are worried about you for your own good. (SNORT!!)

If you are not from a South Asian country, you would not know what I am talking about, but you know how the families of Romeo and Juliet are against their relationship?

Well saying ‘that happens here’ doesn’t not even come close to the drama that happens between in-laws and families here.

7. You can just be yourself.

Obviously there are people out there, who are completely comfortable with each other. But for me, being the anxious, perfectionist that I am, I know I’d worry if I look good to him, when I’m at the critical level of pain during child birth. Hell, I’d probably be one of those people who’d wake up an hour before the alarm to shower and put on makeup, before slipping back into bed for him. I’d need constant reassurance, that yes, he still wants to be with me and that level of stress is just not worth it.


8. You know they’d have to be pretty amazing to change your status.

Being single for as long as I have, you’ve learnt to love yourself. You’ve set standards and expectations for yourself, and you have realized that lowering them is not the solution to your singleness. So you know that for someone to actually be able to enter your kingdom, they’d have to be the best person you could possibly get.


Now, if you know me, my style of flirting is basically NOT FLIRTING, so this doesn’t apply. But flirting without the commitment is fun! 😀 You can stare at all the eye candy you want, and feel hella good! YOLO!

10. You don’t have to deal with Jealousy and insecurity

You love him. He’s an absolute catch and he’s basically all you think about. But we all have our own lives and you can’t be with them 24/7, so you think of all the parties he must be going too, the co-workers he must be flirting with, the other priorities in his life that are higher on his list than you are, and yup, before you know it, you’ve got that green monster on your back hanging all over you, kinda like this koala:

11. You learn to be strong and independent and most importantly, HAPPY.

One of the most important things you learn when you are single, is to be strong and independent. You learn to bask in your singleness, to live life fabulously doing things you love, alone or with other people who want to spend time with you. You learn your worth and it’s just unbelievably empowering.

You learn a lot about yourself, and this brings us to the last and naturally, the most important point.

12. You learn to love yourself.

Being single means you got to learn how to be in the company of your own self. You have to do things alone and you learn just how amazing you are as a person and you fall in love, unexpectedly with yourself, and you learn to be comfortable and confident in your own skin, flaws and all and it just feels so damn good and refreshing.

It’s selfish and pure and safe and perfect. You start treating yourself just how you want everyone else to treat you, and I think that is the best lesson being single can teach you.

One day our time will come, and till then fellow single people, let’s


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12 reasons why being single ROCKS!

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