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10 ways to help your wife in the kitchen

The kitchen is no doubt an unknown territory to many Sri Lankan spouses. For most of our male folks, a kitchen would signify the fridge or the pantry cupboard where all the biscuits are stored in. While for some others the kitchen would symbolize the “water filter” that would eventually quench their thirst.

Hopefully, by the end of this read, one would have a more depth understanding of the kitchen while being aware of ten simple ways that one could help his wife in this lesser known territory.

01. Cutting and chopping

Image Credit: sandrakeros.com
Image Credit: sandrakeros.com

Cutting and chopping vegetables is indispensable to prepare any meal. So, one could start by simply volunteering to chop some vegetables for your wife. If you want to impress your wife in a very effortless manner, lending a hand in chopping onions would do the trick. Not only would your spouse be so relieved that she would not have to chop onions, above all she would be very glad to save those tears for some worthy cause.

02. Washing dishes


Washing dishes is the most unanticipated chore in a kitchen. Imagine coming home from a hectic day at the office just to see a pile of dishes that needs washing. Your wife is not going to be very happy. So you could do the dishes and surprise her or even share the chore and do it together which will give you the time to even inquire after her day.

03. Cleaning the refrigerator


The refrigerator, the most treasured possession in the kitchen due to its capacity to store mouth-watering delicacies from ice-cream to nutella requires cleaning too.Evidently cleaning the refrigerator is very tiring as you have to clear all the goods inside from vegetables to fruits to eggs and then remove all the shelves for cleaning. Hence your wife sure needs a helping hand to complete the task of cleaning the “fridge”. So you could spend some time cleaning the fridge with your wife and eventually end up sharing the half-melted tub of chocolate ice-cream.

04. Refill water dispenser

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Ever wondered how the water –filter ceaselessly provides water every day. Or ever experienced getting irritated at the sight of an empty water –filter. So refilling the water-filter is a very simple yet an important chore in a kitchen and you could easily refill the water every morning just to relieve at least a bit of stress from your wife.

05. Baking


One could assist their wife in baking by merely offering to measure all the ingredients necessary for baking. Your wife would be so relieved and even acknowledge your generous heart for offering to help in this otherwise meticulous task. And you could even indirectly get some credit for the delicious chocolate cake that your wife prepared to take to your parents’ dinner.

06. Sweeping

Image Credit: sandrakeros.com
Image Credit: sandrakeros.com

Is there any other place in the house that requires constant sweeping other than the kitchen? Naturally most wives receive great pleasure in seeing a tidy, well-swept kitchen. So offering to sweep the kitchen once in awhile would be undoubtedly most welcomed by your beloved wife.

07. Reaching out


Another way that you could help your wife is by simply reaching out to nooks and corners that she cannot reach. Such as the match box that she has kept right on top of the cabinet just so the children would not get hold of it.

08. Changing dim light bulb

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

Do you hear your wife constantly complaining about the dim light bulb in the kitchen? You could easily become a help to your wife by merely replacing that bulb when necessary.

09. Can I help you?


The simple phrases, “how may I help you?”Or “Can I help you?” to your spouse would indeed have a great impact on your wife as she would know your concern and appreciation of her work in the kitchen.

10. Not staying on her way


Last but not least simply being present in the kitchen with your wife when she is occupied with all her chores would be the greatest help of all. Yet keep in mind to not stay in her way when she is doing her chores , as it would no doubt aggravate her!

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10 ways to help your wife in the kitchen

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