Top local fruits you won’t resist

Now with the new sugar color coded labeling in place for soft drinks, here are some healthier suggestions. When thinking about local fruits, my stomach growls for mangoes and mangosteen, however here is a complete list of fruits every Sri Lankan should TRY! Spoiler alert, they are mouth watering!

1. Rambuttan


I was heading to work one morning and saw hundreds and hundreds of rambuttan piled for sale only to realize that the rambuttan season has finally arrived. Rambuttan, a fruit of succulent and sweet flesh is no doubt an all time favorite of everybody. Malwana rambuttan the supreme of it all is guaranteed to leave you yearning for more.

2. Mangoes


Mangoes rich in flavor and vitamins would definitely satisfy ones sweet tooth immediately. “Karthakolomban” a type of mango which is known to have been produced by genetically combining “rata amba” and “kohu amba” is synonymous with the word “mango” as it is famous among local customers.

3. Mangosteen


Mangosteen on the other hand despite its hard outer cover comprises of one of the mouth watering juicy fruits.

4. Watermelon


Watermelon, my all time favorite quenches ones thirst immediately and give a kick start to a warm day. In fact watermelons are ideal for those who desire to shed those extra pounds as it contains a very low calorie count, while bananas on the other hand fight stress.

5. Banana


Credit: Universal Pictures
Credit: Universal Pictures

Consuming at least one banana per day is discovered to provide sufficient potassium necessary for the human body and is also believed to reduce risks of developing childhood leukemia. Above all bananas can be an easy substitute for eggs in baked goods.

6. Guava – Paera


When considering local fruits guava or locally known as “paera” cannot be missed. Sliced guava seasoned with salt, pepper and chili powder is a crunchy snack full of fiber and vitamin C. Interestingly guava improves texture of the skin and even helps maintain good eyesight.

7. Durian

Despite its strange smell, Durian is a fruit which has a high demand in local markets. Durian being a great source of energy is beneficial for athletes, runners and others who require extra energy. The high level of iron in Durian enables the formation of red blood cells in the human body.

8. Pineapple

Pineapple synonymous with all time favorite “pineapple gateaux” is a very good source of manganese. Pineapples can be used in both savory and sweet delicacies despite its tropical flavor. The name “pineapple” derives from the Spanish word “Pina” which means “pine cone”.

9. Woodapple

Moreover woodapple also known as “bel fruit”, mostly consumed mixing with coconut milk as a beverage is good for diabetic patients and it is even effective as a blood cleanser.

10. Jambu – Rose Apple


Rose apple locally called “Jambu” is a fruit that is craved by the majority. “Jambu” which varies from white to pink in hue has a subtle taste underlying its crunchiness. The high fiber content in rose apples improves digestion and even minimizes risks of breast cancer.

11. Anoda

Anoda famously known as “Soursop” contains a high level of carbohydrate and fructose which is a natural sugar substance.The seeds of the Anoda fruit could be crushed and used to kill bedbugs and head lice.Whereas its leaves are beneficial in treating arthritis and in using as a tranquilizer.Interestingly research consider Soursop fruit, seed, leaves and bark to be potential treatment to reduce the spread of cancer cells in the body.

12. Ugurassa

The plum-like fruit is recommended to relieve nausea when consumed half ripe.It is also a remedy for high blood pressure. If you are new to Ugurassa, it is normally consumed after pressing hard against your palm.Next time you come across this fruit bursting with vitamin C do not hesitate to try it.

13.Veralu – Elaeocarpus serratus

“Veralu”, a mouth-watering fruit which is indispensable in “achcharu”, is termed as ‘Ceylon Olive’ in english.Rich in minerals and vitamins , veralu can be eaten raw when riped.The bark of the veralu tree has been discovered to be a good cure for gastritis.

Bonus Fruit – Passion Fruit


Last but not least passion fruit is definitely a local fruit which has a great demand, one could consider it even as the bonus fruit in the above list. A passion fruit possesses up to 42% dietary fiber and keeps the skin hydrated and glowing. Despite its sour taste, passion fruit eaten with a spoonful of sugar is indeed something from heaven.

All the local fruits mentioned above are no doubt irresistible. Despite their unique tastes, each one of these fruits is mouth-watering. Not only are these fruits delicious but they also serve different purposes from being a baking substitute to fighting cancer. Thus it is evident that fruits are not only sources of nutrients and great ways of satisfying ones taste buds .Simply they are vessels of multiple purposes.

Sources: Organicfacts, Department of Agriculture Sri Lanka, Lifehack, MedicalNewsToday

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Top local fruits you won’t resist

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