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06 Best superfoods to lose weight fast

The world is obsessed with losing weight. All people seem to talk about are aerobics, yoga, working out, dieting, crash diets, diet pills and fitting into super skinny jeans. The West obviously started this madness about looking slim (Hollywood and all) and now it seems Sri Lanka is following the trend..

You may have heard frequent utterances, ‘ane you look like you have put on no’ or ‘ poddak mahath wela wage’ to the poor detriment of these folks who immediately fall into some kind of depression, rush home and force themselves to go on a crazy diet. The diet consists of starving. No food whatsoever. Drinking fruit juice and sneaking in Marie biscuits under the table. That’s it!

Now, let’s get the facts straight. Starving is not the answer. And this is not just my opinion, but the opinion of well informed, highly qualified dieticians and nutritionists as well. What you need to do is cut down on excess fat, yes, but incorporate nutritious and healthy food into the mix. Do away with sugary, fatty and starchy food. Consume a well-balanced meal of fruits, vegetables, wholegrain and unsaturated fat. Lose weight in a healthy manner, not to harm your body in any way.

The great thing about superfoods is it doesn’t just lead to losing weight, but to also build bones, improve eyesight, prevent chronic diseases and keep your mind sharp.

06. Apples


This is bound to sound uninspiring, but we are here to talk about losing weight quickly and apples are the go to low-calorie snack. You can eat your apples in so many ways. Why not try it in pie form, where you sprinkle allspice on a chopped medium apple. Say you are having pasta for lunch, eating an apple beforehand will lead to you consuming less calories during lunch than if you munched on a different snack, because your stomach is already full. Additionally, apples contain antioxidants which prevents metabolic syndrome.

05. Almonds

Almonds are not only a healthy snack, they are a delicious snack. It is a natural weight loss pill, rich in L-arginine and amino acids. All you need to do is to snack on quarter cup of almonds which will help you effectively lose weight in a couple of weeks. For optimal results, snack on nuts at least half hour before you start your workout.

04. Eggs


Contrary to numerous reports, eggs are not only highly nutritious but are a healthy superfood to help you lose weight quickly. You can have your eggs scrambled, as an Omelet or bake a frittata and chill it to use it up to a week. Did you know eggs contain an ingredient that not only cuts down on calories but keeps you full well into your next meal?

03. Tomatoes


Unlike in the West, we don’t eat our tomatoes raw or may be many of us don’t like it that way. But, tomatoes contain a high source of Vitamin A & C. It also has antioxidants which are ideal for your metabolism. If you are thinking of ways to eat tomatoes why not sprinkle it with parmesan cheese and eat it raw, or boil it until the cheese melts. It is a delicious snack you can have even during lunch.

02. Green Tea


Ok green tea isn’t technically food, but it is a fabulous contribution towards losing weight and is considered an honorary superfood. It is calorie free and an outstanding antioxidant that helps fight against cancer. It works to help your body not just burn calories but also fight fat. Studies show folks that sip four cups of tea whilst working out lose excess fat in just two weeks.

01. Salmon


Salmon is a food helper, a lean protein that is ideal for weight loss. The simple explanation is protein takes longer than carbohydrate for your body to digest, keeping you satisfied. This means you will not be snacking in between meals. Digesting protein also burns calories faster than it does with carbohydrate. There you have it! Salmon is a superfood indeed!

So here are 06 Bet Superfoods you should try incorporating into your daily diet. The secret to losing weight is not, not eating, but eating plenty of nutritious and healthy food to keep your stomach full, so that you refrain from eating all the things that are bad for you.

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06 Best superfoods to lose weight fast

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